Below are video testimonials of customers who've had Vortex or Granitex applied at their home or business.



Chris Testimonial

John Testimonial
Randy Testimonial
Mike Testimonial
Sue Testimonial
Mike Testimonial

Chris had Granitex applied to the showroom floor to at their Marine Business to solve the problems they were having with epoxy finishes.

John's bar top has a granitone finish that looks great and holds up to heat, beer bottles, shot glasses, and even high heels!  The bar rail is coated with Polyphatic clear to provide easy clean up and everlasting shine.

Randy has a custom logo inviting customers into his showroom entrance.  With a Granitex Polyphatic floor inside and outside of his entrance, cleaning is a snap!

Mike renewed his four year old home with a cleverly designed Granitex Polyphatic speckle flake application that his friends and neighbors are raving about!

Sue's loves her new basement floor because it hides blemishes in the concrete and is easy to mop.  Her new Granitex Polyphatic floor will not chip or peel like her previous coating.

Mike used Vortex to solve the bacteria problem in the storage area at his restaurant.  Because Vortex and Granitex Polyphatic coatings are USDA and FDA approved for incentental food contact they are great products to seal off areas that might otherwise trap moisture that the health inspectors look for!