Possibllities using Vortex Protective Coatings and Granitex Polyphatic Coatings are limited only by your imagination!   What you see here are just a few ideas showing you what some Authorized Dealers have done.  Your local dealer can help you determine the best coating application for your project.  Don't wait, Contact Us Today to Find a Dealer!

Welcome to Great Coatings.com. This site will help you find Authorized Dealers across the country with top quality surface coating applications using Vortex & Granitex. These amazing coating products can be used for many surfaces and provide impact resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, UV resistance, thermal conductivity, durability, repairability and more.  Our Authorized Dealers can coat almost any surface (concrete, wood, tile, metal, fiberglass, etc.) with coatings that will last up to 5 times longer than competitive products.

Do you want a new garage floor that looks like granite?  Are you sick of staining your deck year after year?  Is your truck bed getting rusty and scratched?  Peruse our website to get more information about how Vortex and Granitex coating products can make your coating dreams turn into reality with our amazing surface applications. View our picture gallery to see some of the application possibilities for Vortex Protective Coating and Granitex Polyphatic Glaze.

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