Coating Systems by Vortex Sprayliners

The Patented Vortex™ KV5006 Spray System is Over 65 Years* of expertise packed into the only REAL portable system on the market and at a fraction of the average price.  It uses the lowest psi, patented spray technology which translates into virtually no mess to contend with, up to 22% less waste and operates on a single 110V outlet.

Our Unique GRANITEX™ HD GTX 8003 Flooring System provides our dealers the opportunity to offer attractive, high impact, durable, and long-lasting floor coverings. Thousands of custom designs and color combinations are available.

Granitex HD GTX 8003 & Vortex KV5006 portable systems – by Vortex Sprayliners

Garage Floors

Our Granitex “Baked On” Coating provides a beautiful, yet durable flooring solution. Color combinations are endless!


Dealers combine the Vortex liner with the Granitex top coat for a long lasting coating that can withstand movement caused by weather and other conditions.

Truck Beds

Vortex sprayed on truck bed liners provide lifetime protection for your truck. The Vortex liner is not slippery like factory liners and some competitor liners and can be easily repaired if needed.


Why spray only the truck bed when you can spray the whole truck? Although black is the most common color for truck beds, over 200 colors are available to choose from.